Increase Christmas

Increase Christmas began 10 years ago with the question, “What would it look like to increase the meaning of Christmas for those in our community and around the world?”

The response has been years of generosity toward people in local communities and to villages, towns, and partners around the world. 

Increase Christmas stems from a posture —we will not live to consume. We were meant for more.

Behind this posture is a belief that God can take our gifts, do amazing things, and literally change lives.

We believe that God’s not done.

So we’re not either. 

Let’s Increase Christmas by giving gifts that change lives. 

Your gifts change lives.
How to give...

Throughout this catalog, there are categories and projects that you’ll be able to contribute toward. Use the tag to designate where you want your gift to go.

On the category pages there are sections that highlight how funds could be distributed throughout the year. The Potential Impact of gifts given is simply a way to proactively think through how these categories might be used.

With multiple projects ongoing throughout the year, Increase Christmas is a campaign dedicated to helping and not hurting. If a category project exceeds its funding goal, Increase Christmas will redirect funds to where they are most needed.

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